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Balcony railing code requirements

The Department of Buildings' minimum code required height for balcony railings is 42" (2), with an allowance of 1". Balcony railings below 42" are also considered a SWARMP (Safe With a Repair and Maintenance Program) condition in FISP (formerly Local Law 11/98) reports.

Runways or platforms 6 or more feet above floor or ground level shall have all open sides guarded with standard railings and toeboards. Runways or platforms constructed over conveyors used. Handrail Profile requirements under the New Zealand Building Code. As noted in NZBC Clause D1 Access Routes, accessible stairways and accessible ramps shall have handrails provided on both sides. These handrails shall be continuous except where doors are located on landings, with a 300 mm (minimum) horizontal extension of the handrail being. Unenclosed porches, balconies, and landings, which are more than thirty inches above grade or floor below must not be less than thirty-six inches in height and must have intermediate rails spaced such that a sphere four inches in diameter cannot pass through. [Statutory Authority: RCW 70.114A.081. WSR 99-03-065, § 246-359-520, filed 1/18/99.

The requirements of this code are based on platform and balloon-frame construction for light-frame buildings. The requirements for concrete and masonry buildings are based on a balloon framing system. Other framing systems must have equivalent detailing to ensure force transfer, continuity and compatible deformations. R301.1.3Engineered design.

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1.From a height of 36 inches (914 mm) to 42 inches (1067 mm), guards shall not have openings that allow passage of a sphere 4 3 / 8 inches (111 mm) in diameter. 2.The.

ARTICLE 11. - HANDRAILS AND GUARDRAILS. Sec. 21.140. - General. Every exterior and interior flight of stairs having more than four risers shall have a handrail on one side of the stair and every open portion of a stair, landing, balcony, porch, deck, ramp or other walking surface which is more than 30 inches (762 mm) above the floor or grade.

However, there are still further considerations to be made to guarantee that it is safe and code-compliant. Among the many things to seek out when looking for the best deck company is one that will be certain to build a structurally sound railing system for your deck. All too often, deck railing systems are added on at the last minute in the.

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